About Gary

Gary Highfield

Gary Highfield

Gary Highfield is an author, entrepreneur, business executive and grandfather to eight in Chattanooga, TN. His first book, “When ‘Want TO’ becomes ‘Have TO!” will be released on Sep 14 at Barnes n Noble at Hamilton Place Mall, 2-4pm.

Gary Highfield is a sought-after professional corporate sales consultant and keynote speaker dedicated to helping organizations transform their companies and their employees’ lives.

He has been an entrepreneur his entire life, and has helped inspire and educate sales teams across the country to reach their potential.

Gary’s passionate about making a difference, and is currently working hard creating the Want To Foundation, a not-for-profit whose mission is to provide a place where people who have “Want To” can get help in pursuing their dreams. The foundation is in the beginning phases of its development and is currently adding board members.

Gary also is a bicycle enthusiasts and clocks over 200 miles on his bike every week.